Professional Equipment Assembly

IRAD Now will take your test equipment needs and make them a reality. Many businesses focus largly on the bottom line and often times research and developement get left behind. If you have a need for test equipment for R/D, Qualification, DO-160, ATP, FTP, Troubleshooting, or any other application, and you have the budget, but are having trouble getting the resources assigned in house, then send your project to us!

Consulting &
Document Review

Anytime a project is submited to us we will review all the documentation for accuracy and clarity. If we detect any disprepancies we will notify you and, if applicable, recommend a solution. 

Test Fixture Assembly

Our wealth of expierence in building test fixtures will help ensure that your order is completed on time. No job is too small! We cater to R/D projects and do not want to get caught up with long term, large order, or recuring contracts. We want you to know that your project is our priority.

In House Contracting

Sometimes the demand for resources also incudes in house needs for testing or large test set ups for systems testing. In some instances we may be able to provide a technicial resource to assist with onsite projects.